Raleigh HVAC Maintenance

Regular Raleigh HVAC maintenance will reduce your heating and cooling costs and prevent untimely and costly repairs to your heating and air conditioning units. By keeping your air conditioning unit(s) clean, and having regularly scheduled maintenance service visits to troubleshoot potential issues before any breakdown occurs, you will:

  • Increase the efficiency of your Heating and Air Conditioning system and lower your utility costs,
  • Experience fewer problems with your HVAC system such as low Freon or breakdowns, and
  • Extend the life of your Central Air Conditioning unit.

We offer Raleigh, Cary, and Wake Forest residents HVAC Maintenance Service Plans.

By enrolling in one of our service plans you will benefit from:

  1. Preferred customer status: You will be given priority status for any HVAC emergency service calls
  2. Emergency heating or air conditioning service calls will be discounted by 10%.
  3. 10% discount will be applied on all parts and labor on any future repairs


Our Raleigh HVAC Maintenance plan at work

Twice a year maintenance is ideal. We will come to your home once in the Fall to prepare your HVAC unit or furnace for the heating season.  We will then come again in the Spring to ensure your Air Conditioner and whole HVAC system are ready for the hot Raleigh weather.

For Heating PreparationsFor Cooling Preparations
1. Heating system start-up1. Cooling system start-up
2. Inspect and test all safety controls2. Inspect and test all safety controls
3. Examine heat exchanger for cracks, rusting or problem areas3. Inspect Air handler and all accessible Components
4. Perform a thorough carbon monoxide check4. Inspect and clean drain
5. Inspect and test all system transformers, relays, contactors,& controls5. Inspect and clean condensate drain lines
6. Measure and adjust blower for correct airflow6. Inspect and clean condenser coil
7. Inspect, clean and dust ignition assembly7. Inspect electrical wiring for loose connections or frayed wires
8. Inspect flue assembly and test flue gas drafting mechanism8. Check amp draw on compressor and fan
9. Measure heating system output9. Check for proper freon levels
10. Test superheat & sub cooling and adjust to factory recommendations


Cost of our Raleigh HVAC Maintenance Service Plan


Our Raleigh HVAC Maintenance service plans will save you money on repairsWhile we will come twice a year to inspect your HVAC equipment, you will be charged only once a year.

Your yearly fee will be $225 per Heating or Air Conditioning unit per year.


A Raleigh HVAC Maintenance service agreement with Cool Change Heating & Air Conditioning will give you the peace of mind to know that your furnace and air conditioner are operating at optimum efficiency and will continue to perform season after season.


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