Know when it's time to hire a Raleigh air conditioning repair professionalTrouble with your AC? Some issues can easily be handled by homeowners, others AC troubles may require the help of a professional at a Raleigh air conditioning repair company. The following tips will help you determine when to call for help.

Raleigh’s hot summers, make it a necessity to have a dependable Air Conditioning system. Keeping an eye on your cooling system and calling an HVAC professional right away will help you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.


The Most Common signs of trouble with air conditioners:

  • Your A/C unit won’t turn on
  • Although your air conditioning unit is on, you experience insufficient cooling
  • there is ice on your air conditioning unit(s)
  • Your AC unit seems to be overheating
  • Your AC doesn’t seem to keep the temperature in your home at a consistent temperature even though you keep the thermostat at the same level.

Is it time to call a Raleigh air conditioning repair company?

If you experience any of these issues, first determine whether or not your air conditioning unit is is running but little or no cool air is coming out, or if your AC is not working at all.

If your air conditioning system is not working at all

  • Check all units, both the inside air conditioning unit and the outside air conditioning units are all on.  You want to make sure the AC unit is plugged in and that electricity is coming to it.  Check that the circuit breaker did not pop.  As obvious as it is, sometimes the problem is that simple.
  • Check that the thermostat is set on either “auto” or “cool”  and was not accidentally set on “off”
  • Adjust your thermostat or confirm that it’s set at at least 5 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.  Any less than that and the thermostat may not kick in and give the command to the AC unit to turn on.

If after checking and confirming that everything is “on” and the thermostat is set low enough, you find that the problem lies elsewhere, it’s time to call a Raleigh air conditioning repair company to come take a look.  You can reach Cool Change Heating & Air Conditioning at  919-457-2494

If your air conditioning system is working, but very little or the air coming out is not cool:

  • Confirm that the air filters are clean and placed correctly in their slots and are not blocking the duct work
  • Make sure that the air intake grilles are not blocked by furniture stopping the air from being sucked into the duct work
  • Make sure that the air return grilles are (completely) open everywhere
  • Take a look at the outside Air Conditioning compressor and see if any debris, grass or leaves for instance are blocking the unit.
  • Take a look and see you can see disconnected duct work or if some of the duct work is crushed possibly which could reduce the air flow.

If you cannot determine the source of your troubles, it’s time to call a Raleigh air conditioning repair company to come take a look at your air conditioning system and assess the problem. Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning will come to your Raleigh home quickly, and fix your AC quickly so you can go back to your life with minimum interruption.  You can call us at 919-457-2494. Air conditioning repair done right.