Time for your Spring AC Maintenance! Find out what we actually do during an air conditioner check up!

You might constantly hear how Spring Maintenance is so important to the life of your air conditioner, how it saves you money, or how it makes your air conditioner run more efficiently, or how it can prevent breakdowns of your air conditioner in the height of summer heat. But you may be wondering, “What really happens during Spring Check Up anyway?” Well, just keep reading to find out all the important steps Cool Change takes while preparing your Raleigh air conditioner for Spring.

These are just some of the things that Cool Change Heating and Air does when performing spring maintenance. Spring maintenance is so important for the life of your unit. And it also saves you money! Please check out our full list of the AC checks we perform on your air conditioner or call us today at 919-457-2494 to schedule your appointment. We even have some coupons for HVAC maintenance!