When the sweltering heat of our Raleigh summers arrives, our air conditioning units quickly become our best friends. However, like any other mechanical system, AC units can sometimes malfunction. When that happens, you’ll want a reliable AC repair company to come to the rescue. But did you know that you can also save money when dealing with your HVAC repair company? In this article, we’ll explore some savvy strategies to help you reduce costs while ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long.

1- Perform Regular Maintenance

The saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” holds true when it comes to AC units. By scheduling regular maintenance checks with your AC repair company, you can identify and address potential issues before they turn into costly repairs. Regular maintenance helps keep your system running efficiently, which in turn reduces energy consumption and lowers your utility bills.

2- Compare Quotes between different AC repair companies

Don’t settle for the first AC repair company you come across. Shop around and obtain multiple quotes from different companies. Make sure to compare the scope of services offered, prices, and customer reviews. This comparison will help you make an informed decision and potentially save hundreds of dollars.

3- Opt for Energy-Efficient Upgrades

When repairing or replacing parts of your AC system, consider investing in energy-efficient components. Although they may cost more upfront, energy-efficient upgrades can significantly lower your monthly energy bills. Additionally, the federal government offers incentives and rebates for installing energy-efficient HVAC systems, providing you with long-term savings. Locally, Duke Energy provides rebates as well.

4- Understand the Warranty offered by your AC repair company

Before agreeing to any repairs, be sure to understand the warranty offered by your chosen HVAC company. A comprehensive warranty can save you money in case any issues arise shortly after the repair. Ensure that you know what parts are covered, the duration of coverage, and any conditions that may void the warranty.

5- Take Preventive Steps

One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of repairs is by taking a few steps to mitigate potential damage and reduce the extent of repairs. 

  • First, clean or replace air filters regularly
  • Each Spring, clear debris around the outdoor unit.  
  • Keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. 

Those 3 simple preventative measures can help you avoid emergency calls and high repair costs.

If you do end up needing to call for repairs, be sure to turn off your HVAC while you wait for your AC repair company to arrive. The last thing you want is for the technician to have to reschedule because your AC is frozen and nothing can be done until he can access the unit.

6- Schedule Regular Maintenance

Many AC repair companies offer maintenance plans that include routine inspections and discounts on repairs. These plans typically cost less than one-off service calls and can help you budget for your HVAC system’s upkeep, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

7- Take On DIY-Friendly Tasks

Some maintenance tasks can be handled by homeowners without professional assistance. For instance, cleaning the AC unit’s coils and keeping the area around it clear of debris can improve its efficiency. Learning how to perform these tasks safely can reduce the frequency of service calls and save you money.

8- Be Proactive

Don’t wait until your AC system breaks down completely before calling for help. If you notice any unusual noises, reduced cooling capacity, or other signs of trouble, contact your AC repair company promptly. Addressing issues early can prevent more extensive, costly repairs later on.

Taking some, or all, of these steps can not only keep your AC from from breaking down prematurely, but they can reduce the cost and frequency of repairs. Should you need help with your heating and cooling system, Cool Change Heating and Air is ready to help!

Save money! 8 tips to cut costs with your AC repair company