Regardless of which HVAC air filters you have in your home, air filter maintenance is not only the key to maintaining indoor pollution to a minimum, but it’s also an easy means to reduce the cost of your energy bills and keep your heating and air conditioning system working efficiently and effectively. Clean air filters save you money!  So here are some tips on how to replace your HVAC air filters.

The table below (courtesy of gives you a general sense of what a dirty air filters may be costing you in additional energy cost each month based on lost efficiency.

Learn how to replace your HVAC air filters and save money

3 Steps to Replace your HVAC Air Filters

1- Turn off your HVAC unit and then, remove the air filter. (Most HVAC air filters are located where the main air duct that connects to the unit.)

2- Install a New HVAC Air Filter.  

      1. Make sure the new filter is facing the right way
      2. make sure your air filter fits the air return properly. You want the air to move through the filter, not around it.

3- Once the filter is installed, turn your HVAC system back on.

Changing your air filters takes no time at all.  The hardest part is truly remembering to put it in your calendar!  The 5 minutes it will take you to schedule your HVAC maintenance and the 10 minutes it will take to perform timely maintenance, will make a big difference in the air quality in your home as well as the condition of your Heating and Cooling equipment years down the road.


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