Home maintenance tips for fall raleigh hvac

Fall is just around the corner. Can’t you feel that crispness in the air already, in the early morning hours? With the approaching cooler temperatures, checking off these important tasks at hand will help your property stay in tip-top shape.

Start working on these indoor and outdoor tips now, to get a jump on the season:check windows and doors for drafts

  1. Check doors and windows for drafts. The majority of the conditioned air in your home is lost through the windows and doors. Go through your home and open windows to ensure the seal and caulking around the window frame is in good condition. Remove any old caulk completely, and dispose of it properly. Clean the surface, let dry, and re-caulk the area. Consider adding heavier drapery around the windows that are extra drafty, to help block some air loss.
  2. stock2Check on the condition of your roof, gutters and downspouts. Because it is not at eye level, the roof of your home is often forgotten. But, leaves, dirt and other natural debris have a way of finding these areas. Removing the debris now can prevent blockage and water damage. There may be various areas here that are in need of repair, such as loose fittings on the downspouts. Using a bit of silicone caulk and small pieces of aluminum can repair small hoes and tears. Consider covering your gutters with a hardware cloth to prevent any further buildup or debris.
  3. remove hose from spigotsExamine the outdoor faucets and hoses. Prevent problems that are caused by freezing water by removing hoses from spigots. Drain them completely, and store in an indoor space, such as your garage or crawlspace. It is best to store them coiled and flat.
  4. Fall is a perfect time to have your furnace winterized. The highly competent technicians at Cool Change Heating and Air can help your furnace not miss a beat, moving from hot summers into frigid winters. Regular fall maintenance is a perfect way to prevent sudden and unexpected outages. As you know, Raleigh’s winter tFor all your Raleigh Heating Repair or Heating Emergency Needs!emperatures are known to sink down into the 20’s and even teens in some cases, so handling this item sooner than later will keep you comfortable all winter long. And change those filters!

This time of year can motivate homeowners to move ahead with worthwhile home improvement projects, including this checklist for fall. In many cases, these projects will not only add to the value of your home, but also the energy efficiency.

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