Save time and money by avoiding these common air conditioning mistakes regarding the care of your home’s HVAC system in Raleigh, NC.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings
cool change heating and air thermostatIf you get home and want the air to get considerably cooler right away, do not turn the thermostat way down and expect your AC unit to work faster. For example, if you are comfortable at 74 degrees, don’t set the thermostat to 68 in an effort to reach 74 degrees quickly. As a rule, you should set the thermostat as high as you are comfortable. Remember, every degree makes a difference of about 7% in your AC unit’s power consumption, so even a small adjustment can make a big difference on your monthly utility bill.


Not Changing the Air Filter

air filter cool change heating and airChanging the air filter is a task that is simple and inexpensive, yet so many Raleigh homeowners continue to let this duty pass by. Avoidable repairs, and more expensive energy costs are headed your way, if this air conditioning mistake is something you’re guilty of!

If any of the items in this list apply to you, do change your air filters once per month. If not, changing your filter less frequently (every 2 or 3 months) will be ok.

  • You run your unit 6 months out of the year, or year-round.
  • You have a pet or multiple pets. Pet dander can become airborne and circulate through the home’s ventilation system just as typical household dust does.
  • You have a large family. More activity means more household dust, dirt and debris.
  • You or another resident smokes indoors.
  • There is construction work taking place around or near the home.
  • You have a fireplace that you occasionally use.

Running Your AC 24/7

It may seem natural to just let your Raleigh AC unit run all day and all night, especially when the outdoor temperatures are so uncomfortably high, but doing so wastes a great deal of electricity, and is a huge air conditioning mistake! One way to opt for less usage is to set your temperature higher at night. When you’re asleep, your body can tolerate higher temperatures than when you’re awake. Another change for the better is to set your temperature higher when you’re not at home. Most air conditioners need only a few minutes to cool your home, so you won’t sacrifice much comfort by doing so.

Not Running Your AC At All

When you are not going to be home for an extended period of time, it’s probably tempting to just turn the AC unit off altogether. However, this is a bad idea. If you were to do so in the warmer months, the house would practically turn into an oven, which can impact wood doors, cabinets and flooring. Condensation problems occur, and the tremendous heat buildup would come with serious repercussions. Instead, set the thermostat for as high as 85 degrees, and the day before you get back, if possible, re-set it to a more comfortable mid-70’s. The same goes for winter travelers, but in reverse. Turn down the thermostat while you’re away, but don’t turn off the furnace completely. You don’t want your pipes in danger of freezing with this air conditioning mistake!

Not Providing Routine Maintenance

air conditioner maintenance cool change heating and airThere are so many reasons why getting your Raleigh HVAC unit maintained with Cool Change Heating and Air is a good idea. When we come out, we check the heating and cooling systems start-ups. We inspect and test all safety controls, and examine the coils, fans, blowers, drains, drain lines, Freon levels and so much more.

At Cool Change Heating & Air, we understand how frustrated you feel when your HVAC system malfunctions. In such cases, you can rely on Cool Change to diagnose and repair any kind of damages or system problems. We consider customer satisfaction our top priority, and we excel at providing accurate solutions for your air conditioning needs.

For problems related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in and around Raleigh, North Carolina, call Cool Change Heating & Air at 919-457-2494.