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Emergency AC Repair in Cary

Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with emergency air conditioning service in Cary, NC. We can provide service during the day, at night, and even on the weekends! If you have an HVAC emergency and need a repair, just give us a call right away and we can get your Cary AC unit repaired in a jiffy! Cool Change knows that your air conditioner can break at times when it is not convenient, so we are here to help you. We can fix your unit rather than try and sell you a new one.

We Repair All Brands

Here at Cool Change NC, we can repair all types of Air Conditioner brands in Cary.

Here are just some of the brands we can repair: Rheem, American Standard, Bryant, Climate Master, Goodman, Maytag, Lennox, Ruud, Tappan, Trane, Carrier, Weather King, York, Amana, Honeywell.

We repair all brands, types, make and models of Heating and Air Conditioning systems

Examples of Parts for Repairs

There are many different parts to Air Conditioner that can break. We have experienced technicians that can analyze the symptoms of your HVAC unit and diagnose the problem quickly in the Cary area. This means that we can repair your unit and get it up and running in no time flat! So if you are low on refrigerant, or if your motor has stopped running, Cool Change can get to Cary and make a repair right away. At Cool Change, we also see problems with clogged drain lines in Cary NC. Our trained and certified HVAC technicians can clear your drain, drain pan, fix your drain line and get your Cary home cooled down again.

Repair Warranties

At Cool Change Heating and Air, we stand behind our work. We have a 1 year warranty on parts and labor that we install. This is a no nonsense warranty. If the part we installed fails, we will replace it for free within one year. The parts are warrantied per manufacturers specifications.

AC running but not Cooling

One common problem we hear from our customers in Cary is that their air conditioner is running, but it is not cooling. If that occurs to your AC, we recommend that you turn your HVAC unit off at the thermostat. If your air conditioner continues to try and run but it is not cooling, you could damage more expensive parts. This symptom could be a number of HVAC problems from a freon leak to a bad capacitor, so just give us a call so we can come out to Cary and diagnose the problem for you.

AC not turning on at all

Another common problem we hear from Cary homeowners is that their AC is not running at all and won’t turn on. Again, this symptom could be caused by a myriad of AC problems. Your air conditioner could have a faulty motor, a faulty thermostat or wiring problems just to name a few. It’s best to call HVAC professionals to get the job done correctly.


Freon is the lifeblood of the air conditioner unit. You may also hear freon called refrigerant. This substance is the takes the excess indoor heat and puts it outside of your Cary home. If your AC unit is low on freon, it could cause your unit to ice up or blow air that is not cold. Usually, when your unit is low on freon it means there is a leak somewhere. Cool Change Heating and Air believes you should fix the part that is causing the refrigerant to leak, rather than just pumping refrigerant into the unit.

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