Having trouble with your air conditioner or HVAC system not working right?At Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommend the first thing you should do if your air conditioner or HVAC system is not working properly is turn it off.

Having any HVAC system running while working improperly can and will cause long term damage to your air conditioning unit. If one component in your HVAC equipment does not or is not functioning according to the design of your ac equipment, it will most certainly affect the function and long term reliability of its affected counterpart.

After shutting your HVAC unit off you can now look at some of the most frequent possibilities of a malfunctioning air conditioner.

The first thing you can and should check is the condition of your HVAC filters. A dirty air conditioner filter can cause restricted air flow and the HVAC unit will not function properly. For help changing or choosing a filter that is best suited for your HVAC system please take a look at our ”Tips on Air Conditioner Filters” page.

Another item you may inspect while the Air conditioner has been recently shut off is Look to see if there is any ice formation on the refrigerant lines where they connect to the outside unit. If this is the case then you most likely have a low Freon issue and should look at our article titled “How do I know if I am low on Freon.” This is a situation that unfortunately can only be corrected by a professional with the skills and knowledge to properly add Freon to your air conditioning system. Call Cool Change Heating and Air for immediate and knowledgeable service 24-7 at 919 457-2494.

The last item a Raleigh, Cary, or Wake Forest homeowner can check in their HVAC system while the unit has been turned off is the circuit breakers. Find your main panel and check to see if any of the breakers marked Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning, AC, HVAC, Furnace, or Heater have tripped. Sometimes the breaker will not a[[ear as though it has been tripped so Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning recommends that you physically switch the associated breakers to the full OFF position, wait for 5 seconds then switch the breaker back to the full ON position. If a breaker marked Air Conditioning, Air Conditioner, AC, Furnace, or Heater was found to be tripped, (generally in the halfway position), the breaker may be reset ONCE. It is very unwise to keep resetting a breaker because it could cause long term damage to you HVAC equipment and could possibly be a fire or shock hazard. If resetting the breaker works then great, you just saved $$$! If the breaker trips again call Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning for immediate and knowledgeable service 24-7 at 919 457-2494.

If you discovered a dirty filter or a tripped breaker, it is quite possible your HVAC unit will function properly. Turn the HVAC unit on and check to see if you have cool air coming from your air conditioning vent. Allow up to five minutes for the air to become cool. The best way to check for proper temperature is to put a thermometer in the vent or at least the draft of the air as close to the vent as possible. After a few minutes, read the temperature and compare it to the room temperature stated on the thermostat. The difference should be at least 17 degrees.

If the air is not coming out cool from your air condition vent after five minutes then immediately go outside and check to see if the outside unit is running. Made sure the fan is turning and the compressor is on, (you can usually tell a compressor is running by the distinct sound it makes.) If cool air is not coming out of your air conditioner vents at this point the best thing you can do to prevent long term damage from Malfunctioning HVAC equipment is turn it off.

Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning is here to serve you with all your HVAC needs, whether you are in Raleigh, Cary or Wake Forest. One call and Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning will immediately send out a qualified technician that will quickly diagnose your air conditioner or HVAC issues and provide a resolution for immediate repair. Call 919 457-2494