Yearly Furnace Maintenance Helps Make Your System Safe from Carbon Monoxide and Gas Leaks

Yearly Furnace Maintenance Helps Make Your System Safe


As a resident of Raleigh, NC, you already know that having an HVAC in great working condition is an integral part of staying comfortable throughout the year. But keeping your heating system in top shape is not just about comfort, yearly furnace maintenance also ensures the safety of your heating system throughout long winters. When temperatures get cold in Raleigh, the average furnace will see a consistent use for several months on end. Regular furnace maintenance can make sure that your system remains safe throughout this entire period, and provides you with reliable comfort until warmer outdoor temperatures return in the spring.

Furnace Safety 101: Learning about Carbon Monoxide

Furnaces burn fuel to heat your home, which means that they produce carbon monoxide as a by-product. Under most circumstances, carbon monoxide is contained in your system by the heat exchanger and moved out of the house via the flue pipe. However, if there is a leak in your system, it is possible for carbon monoxide to spread through your ducts and into your home via the air vents.

Carbon monoxide can be a real safety risk because it is odorless, tasteless, and poisonous to humans. Even members of households in Raleigh with carbon monoxide detectors may not be immediately aware of a leak since these sensors are often installed in hallways instead of the bedrooms and other areas where air vents are commonly located. Having your Raleigh furnace inspected on an annual basis lowers your risk of leaving a leak unnoticed and unchecked, making you safer as a result.

Natural Gas Leaks

Leaking natural gas is another problem that regular HVAC maintenance can help you avoid. If your furnace has a natural gas leak, the gas regularly contained in your pipes can spread throughout the air in your Raleigh home. If this happens, any open flame or spark in the area has the potential to cause an explosion. Natural gas leaks are rare, and the gas used in your home has an extra chemical added to make it smell like rotten eggs. If you notice such a smell in your apartment, make sure to evacuate immediately, have the gas in your home turned off, and call a professional in Raleigh for help.

When you arrange for yearly furnace maintenance by a qualified HVAC technician, they will carefully monitor your heat exchanger to make sure it is not leaking carbon monoxide. They will also check your supply vents and your pipes to prevent natural gas leaks. Make sure your home in Raleigh, NC is safe as well as comfortable when you call professionals such as Cool Change Heating & Air. We offer comprehensive service plans and repair options for residents of Raleigh, Cary, and Wake Forest.