If your air conditioner seems to be going haywire, it’s time to start looking for a Raleigh HVAC company to come take a look. But if your cooling or heating system needs an upgrade, repair or maintenance, you want to make sure your choose the right HVAC contractor. Here are a few tips for hiring a reliable and skilled HVAC company in Raleigh, Cary, or Wake Forest.

Find a reputable Raleigh HVAC Company for all your heating & air conditioning repairs

1- Do a little research with the people you trust:

Ask for referrals from friends, family, or neighbors.  They may know of a good heating and cooling company from their own experience.

  • Ask them if the HVAC contractor fixed their problem to their full satisfaction?
  • Was he prompt, reliable and professional?
  • Would they call him again the next time their air conditioner or furnace breaks?
  • If it was an emergency call, did anyone answer the phone and was the company prompt?
  • If it was a maintenance call, did the technician spend less than 10 minutes inspecting the air conditioner units outside or was he thorough and took his time to inspect and clean the air conditioning unit, condenser coil, heat pump or furnace.

2- Check out the company itself.

  • Have they been in business for a while or did they just set up shop?
  • Are they a local company or a franchise?
  • Do they service all brands, types, make, and models or only certain types of heating or cooling systems?
  • Are their reviews legitimate or did they post testimonials on their page they could have written themselves?

3- Check with the Raleigh Better Business Bureau. Are there any complaints against this particular Raleigh HVAC company or is the company in good standing.

If you have any questions about your Heating or Air Conditioning system or about hiring a Raleigh HVAC company, call Cool Change Heating & Air Conditioning at 919-457-2494