cool change ceiing fan

Cool Change Heating & Air recommends you keep the fan blades rotating counterclockwise in the hotter months, and clockwise in the cooler months.

Summer heat waves in Raleigh are serious business. Finding a cool wave of relief, especially in a cost effective way, is usually high on our priority list! The ceiling fans in your home are a great way to help you stay cool. Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that can make you feel cooler, and even allow you to increase the setting on your thermostat. Let us outline some tips for you to consider, regarding the ceiling fans in your home.

During the hot months make sure your fan is rotating in a counterclockwise direction. Most fans have a clockwise and counterclockwise setting. Each one is appropriate for a different season. If you were to stand beneath your fan after you’ve turned it on, and you feel immediately cooler, then you have it on the summer setting, or counterclockwise. In this setting, the (hopefully cool) air in the room is being circulated downward, producing a nice, comfortable breeze. One of the greatest things about our ceiling fans is, when the fan is in use, you can actually get away with turning your thermostat UP a few degrees, while you continue to feel cool and comfortable.

Remember to change the direction your ceiling fan blows in winter months, so that the fan can help to keep you warm. Blades running in this direction will pull air up in the center of the room and push it down again near the edges. This forces warm air and cool air to mix in the room, keeping the room at a steadier temperature (not allowing heat to build up at the top and coolness to settle on the floor), so your furnace won’t have to work quite so hard to keep the house warm. You’ll feel this effect if you stand near the wall in a room – a gentle, warm breeze will blow over you.  It’s also important to remember to run your fan at a lower speed during the cooler months.

Another tip regarding ceiling fans – Make sure to turn them off when you leave home! When no one is there to enjoy the circulated air, the fan is doing nothing but using electricity. Fans cool YOU, not the room. The cooling effect will be instant when you return, and turn the fan back on.

ENERGY STAR fans – What you’re getting: cool change energy starEarning the ENERGY STAR means products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Saving energy helps you save money on utility bills and protect the climatebby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fan/light combination units are 60% more efficient than conventional fan/light units, which can save you more than $15 per year on utility bills. They are known to use improved motors and blade designs.

BONUS Energy Tip from your friends at Cool Change – Take note of “energy vampires” in your home. Devices like your gaming systems, power strips, and cell phone charges are constantly using energy. Unplug them when you’re not using them. Take note of the frequency at which you use other large equipment. For example, if you don’t think you’ll use your computer for a while, shut it down, and only turn on your printer when needed.

Remember, pay attention to the direction of your fan blades, the speed of your fans, and adjust the temperate on your thermostat when using a ceiling fan. Little by little, the savings will bring you a very welcomed… COOL CHANGE!