HVAC maintenance makes a difference for your Raleigh heating and cooling systemAs a Raleigh homeowner, when it comes to your HVAC, you are probably concerned about 2 things: how to make it heat or cool your space efficiently, and how to keep your utility costs down while using it. Fortunately, the solutions to these issues are anything but mutually exclusive. While some people view HVAC ownership as a never-ending struggle between comfort and affordability, there’s an easy way to achieve satisfactory levels of each. You simply have to find an affordable option for regular maintenance that will keep your heating and cooling system efficient.

HVAC Service Plans Basics

While it’s true that HVAC service can be expensive, this is most often caused by neglect. Calling in a professional for regular service on your Raleigh heating & cooling system is much less expensive than having to purchase a new compressor every few years, even if you aren’t paying for service in the meantime. Furthermore, many Raleigh Heating & Air Conditioning Repair companies (may we suggest Cool Change Heating and Air?) offer discounted rates to customers who sign up for an HVAC service plan. HVAC service plans are long-term agreements set up between a homeowner and a HVAC repair company that establish a regular schedule of inspections and preventative maintenance. Under most HVAC service plans, an HVAC contractor will visit your Raleigh home once or twice a year to have a look at your heating and cooling system, identify problem areas, and improve them before they can get a chance to develop into much costlier problems.

When you sign up for an HVAC service plan, you’ll agree to pay a predetermined fee in exchange for ongoing maintenance. Some Raleigh Heating & Air Conditioning Repair companies offer different tiers of maintenance, which cover jobs of various complexity and difficulty. For example, you might want to pay less for a contract that only includes routine inspections and minor HVAC tune-ups, which can be appropriate for competent DIYers who are proactive about performing preventative maintenance on their systems throughout the year. Since such owners typically only need minor professional help, they often opt for a simpler service plan. Raleigh homeowners who do not have the time or skill to tune up their systems regularly may want a more involved plan, which might include spare parts, more extensive repairs, and even on-call emergency service.

Ultimately, you’ll want to check with a trusted Raleigh HVAC company to see which service plans they offer, and choose one that suits your lifestyle. Most licensed technicians offer service plans and will be happy to talk to you about their packages and rates. It all comes down to knowing your system and your habits. Choose a plan that will keep your heating and cooling system healthy without being too elaborate, so that you can stay comfortable and keep your costs reasonable.