Keeping your Raleigh AC units well maintained can save you money!

There is no doubt about it; Spring time in Raleigh is beautiful. It starts with the blooming of our cherry trees, and soon thereafter, all trees start getting their leaves, azaleas are in bloom, irises come up, and the weather warms up nicely.  But while we love all the flowers and this change in the temperatures, it also comes with a not so nice yellow blanket of pollen, and sometimes the sudden need to turn on the air conditioning.

Between pressure washing your porch and deck, and mulching those flower beds once again, it’s tempting to put off your AC spring maintenance. Don’t.  Not only are your units covered with pollen, but after the winter chances are that they are dirtier than you think.  And waiting until your air conditioning breaks to call an AC professional could be costly not just in terms of the service call, but also in terms of your utility bill and the premature replacement of your HVAC system.

After a properly done cleaning, many of my Raleigh clients tell me that they cannot believe the difference it makes. They are surprised. Often, it’s not until *after* the service call that they realize that their AC was not working at optimal performance.  It’s not just that the air coming out of the vents is cooler (the truth is, as long as air is coming out of the vents, most people assume their AC is operating just fine). But suddenly, they notice their electric bills has gone down, or they realize that their air conditioning is not running non stop like it was previously, and is cycling on and off throughout the day the way it was meant to operate. Ultimately, although the effect of properly maintaining your heating and cooling system cannot be seen in the short term, it not only helps your units run more efficiently on a day to day basis, but it most definitely increases the longevity of your HVAC system as a whole.

As the video below shows to be effective and truly make a difference in the way your until operates, the process of cleaning an air conditioning unit needs to be done properly.



Whether you do it yourself or call us at Cool Change Raleigh Heating and Air, don’t skip this important step in your Spring home maintenance. It’s cost effective, it will keep your comfortable through our Raleigh summers, and it will also protect the life of your air conditioner in the long run!