HVAC maintenance can lower your electric bill by ensuring your heat pump is tuned correctlyAn HVAC system in good condition lets Raleigh, NC residents stay cool in the summer and cozy during the winter, but some people worry that heating their home can be expensive. If you’ve ever received an unpleasantly high utility bill after a season of frequent HVAC use, you might be a bit scared to turn on your heating system again. However, HVAC systems rarely cause unreasonable electric bills when they are properly maintained and a high utility bill may indicate a problem. By paying attention to a few key areas and arranging for regular HVAC maintenance, you can keep your bills low and your system functional.

Heat Pump Operation Explained

Many HVAC systems use a heat pump to heat or cool their Raleigh home. Heat pumps use a compressor to move refrigerant in a cycle to and from your indoor and outdoor units, absorbing and releasing heat in the process. By reversing a heat pump, you can change your system’s function from cooling to heating, or vice versa. Many heat pumps use strips of electric heating coils (called heat strips) to supplement the system’s heating abilities when the weather outside is too cold to transfer heat inside quickly.

Using Heat Strips with your Heat Pump

Heat strips can be useful, but you should only use them as a last resort. You don’t want your heat pump to rely on heat strips exclusively because this consumes a great deal more energy and can result in higher utility costs. If your heat pump is tuned incorrectly, it may cause the system to “think” it’s cold enough to turn the heat strips on, even when it isn’t.

Regular HVAC / Heat Pump Maintenance Prevents Those Issues

You can prevent your system from turning the heat strips on for too long or too quickly by having your Raleigh HVAC system checked regularly. For best results, have a licensed Raleigh HVAC technician visit your home once or twice a year to check your heat pump, as well as check for carbon monoxide leaks, look for clogs in your condensate drain, check your filters and more.

Regular HVAC maintenance in Raleigh, NC will ensure your use of your heat pump will not result in you incurring the kind of utility bills that most Raleigh homeowners worry about. Contact Cool Change Heating and Air to learn more about the importance of maintenance for your HVAC or to speak with a professional who can tell you more about our services.