Choose Cool Change Heating & Air for your Raleigh AC Repairs

You know the heat is coming. It arrives every year, making you miserable outdoors and causing your air conditioner to work harder to keep you cool indoors. If your AC system isn’t prepared, you could end up waiting for a Raleigh AC repair company while you suffer in the heat. The good news is that you can take several steps to make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to handle the strain.

1. Clean and clear your outside AC condenser.

It’s easy to forget about the exterior condenser. After all, it’s outside your home, likely in a spot where you won’t notice it. That’s why AC repair Raleigh technicians may check outside first when your house is hotter than it should be. To avoid a repair call, take some time to clean out the condenser, washing away dirt and debris. You also need to make sure new plants haven’t grown up around the condenser housing creating restricted air flow. If any plants or shrubbery is within two foot of your AC condensing unit cut it back or even replant it a bit further away from you AC condensing unit. It is very important that this unit has enough space around it so it has enough fresh air to breathe.

2. Change your AC filters.

The easiest thing you can do to get your AC ready for summer is to change the filters. Yet, it’s also easy to forget this simple task. If it’s your first year in your Raleigh home, you might assume it was done before you bought the house. Nope. Most of the time, sellers neglect to change it. And, if you’ve been living in your home for a while, you’ve probably come to expect that your AC will work right every year without any assistance from you. Buy the right-sized filter and install it no! The importance of keeping clean fresh filters in your AC system cannot be overstressed. This will save you money in so many ways. First your ac system will not be stressed because it cannot breathe because the filters are full of dust. Also, the easier it is for your AC system to breathe the cheaper your electric bills will be!

3. Make sure your condensation drains are clear.

As your AC cools your home, it causes condensation. The water has to go somewhere, and if you don’t make surveyor drains are clear of obstructions it can stop your Air Conditioning system from working. What’s worse is if the safety switch does not operate correctly and part of your AC system is in the attic, as so many Raleigh homes do, you could be in for serious water damage! The condensation flows away in a gravity-fed system in most cases so make sure the drain outside is open and unobstructed. Check for a pan where water collects and a pump that carries the moisture away. Move the float of the pump up and down to check for smooth operation. Look for a kill switch that shuts off the AC when water rises near the top. Test the kills switch before you move on.

4. Check and clean your ductwork.

Look at the visible parts of your ductwork – the registers, remove them if they are in the floor. Are they caked with dust and grime? If so, it might pay to have a Raleigh AC repair company come to service your units and clean the ductwork for you. With the airways clean and clear, your home has a better chance of staying cool and your AC won’t have to work as hard to move the cool air around. Also you will reduce the amount of allergies in your Air Conditioning system.

Once you complete this 4-step AC checkup, you’ll be ready to enjoy the summer with a nice, cool getaway when the temperatures go through the roof. And, preparing now can save you time, money and aggravation during the hottest time of the year.