The Most Common Problems With Older Air Conditioning SystemsLike any mechanical equipment, your air conditioning unit needs to be properly maintained so that it continues to deliver the performance you need on demand. However, even regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance won’t stop parts on older Air Conditioning systems from deteriorating over time or issues from arising eventually.

As your AC unit gets older, it will start to experience common problems. After many years, you will probably have to replace it, but until then, however, you can save yourself some money by becoming aware of common problems you might experience when it comes to older air conditioning systems in Raleigh North Carolina. Here are a few you should be aware of.

Icing of your AC unit

It’s not entirely uncommon for ice to form on your AC unit, especially when the temperature soars and demand is high. As condensation forms and comes into contact with cold air, it can freeze. However, when you start to see major buildup of ice on coils or other parts of your AC unit, it’s an indication that something is seriously wrong. You might, for instance, have a refrigerant leak or a faulty condenser. When this occurs, you should call for professional help to assess the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

Low Refrigerant

Barring a refrigerant leak, you don’t have to worry unduly about low levels of refrigerant, but over time, levels can wane with usage and you will need a refill. The worst you’ll suffer is a slightly warmer home interior, most likely, but you don’t want to let such problems go on for too long or you could find yourself dealing with decreasing performance, increasing costs, and the potential for additional issues with your unit.

Wear and Tear

Any time you’re dealing with electrical and mechanical parts, especially with equipment that turns on and off frequently like an AC unit, there’s a high likelihood that parts will suffer from general wear and tear over time. At first, this could simply compromise your air conditioning system’s performance, but without needed repair, you might face a complete breakdown of your cooling system.


Anyone installing air conditioning systems in Raleigh North Carolina should be well aware of associated codes and regulations for appropriate wiring, but if you move into a home with an existing AC unit, there’s a chance you could find yourself dealing with issues that center on faulty wiring (in the home, the unit, or both). This can not only cause intermittent outages, but it could result in much more serious issues like a fire. This is something that needs to be addressed immediately for safety purposes. Your best best if you experience unexplained intermittent outage in your is to call a reputable Raleigh air conditioning repair company and schedule a service call.

A well maintained older air conditioning system can avoid common issues for many, many years. In fact while many Raleigh Air Conditioning companies are quick to recommend you replace your AC unit or units, it might be worth your while to see if repairing your system is the right move for your family.