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We don't try to sell you a NEW Air Conditioner, we REPAIR and MAINTAIN your current AC unit!


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>> Quality Work Guaranteed
>> Full Service Residential HVAC Company
>> Air Conditioning Repair
>> Heating and Furnace Repair
>> Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance
>> Freon/Refrigerant Charging
>> HVAC Maintenance Plans Available
Whether it's hot or cold outside, you deserve to be comfortable. Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning is a full service HVAC company committed to excellence. We provide quality service at a low cost!
We can handle all your heating and air conditioning repair needs, whether you need us to service or repair your furnace or heat pump, or your Central Air Conditioning system. We will identify and fix any problems with your HVAC unit(s), check and adjust your freon levels on your air conditioner, and do your annual maintenance in order to keep all your heating and air conditioning equipment running at their best and save you money!
Our quality workmanship is second to none. Our satisfied customers are the ones who refer the majority of our HVAC business. They trust us to be reliable, fast, and they know that we stand by our work. We have an A+ rating with the Raleigh Better Business Bureau and we have been providing air conditioning & HVAC service for nearly 20 years.  We repair and service all heating and air conditioning brands, types, makes and models.


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Is your furnace not working properly?  Is the Furnace blower not working at all? Or is it not heating properly? Before you call for service, try these simple tips. 1-Check to see that it’s not an airflow issue The first step is to check your filters, vents, and chimney exhaust flue Dirty filters are one of the most common cause of furnace not working properly. As the dirt, pet hair, and dust gets trapped in the filters, the […]

How regular AC maintenance can keep you cool in a Raleigh heat wave!

A few weeks ago Raleigh was hit with a heat wave that we haven’t seen in years! This Raleigh heat wave completely caught homeowners off guard with their air-conditioners completely unprepared. We’ve been doing AC repair all over the Raleigh and have found one common theme. If Cool Change had come to do annual AC […]

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Even with our year-round gorgeous weather in Raleigh NC, most of us spend much of our time indoors, making improving your indoor air quality a priority. The air we breathe in our offices, schools & homes can put us at risk for health problems. The pollutants can be as varied as gases, chemicals, or living organisms […]

Is My Air Conditioner Low on Freon?

There are several ways to tell if your air conditioner is low on Freon (refrigerant). You are not able to keep or get your desired temperature in your home. In other words, your air conditioning system is just not doing its job. No or only an unusually small amount of air is coming from the […]

When Should I Call an Air Conditioning Repair Professional?

Trouble with your AC? Some issues can easily be handled by homeowners, others AC troubles may require the help of a professional at a Raleigh air conditioning repair company. The following tips will help you determine when to call for help. Raleigh’s hot summers, make it a necessity to have a dependable Air Conditioning system. […]

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