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We don't try to sell you a NEW Air Conditioner, we REPAIR and MAINTAIN your current AC unit!


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>> Full Service Residential HVAC Company
>> Air Conditioning Repair
>> Heating and Furnace Repair
>> Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance
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>> HVAC Maintenance Plans Available
Whether it's hot or cold outside, you deserve to be comfortable. Cool Change Heating and Air Conditioning is a full service HVAC company committed to excellence. We provide quality service at a low cost!
We can handle all your heating and air conditioning repair needs, whether you need us to service or repair your furnace or heat pump, or your Central Air Conditioning system. We will identify and fix any problems with your HVAC unit(s), check and adjust your freon levels on your air conditioner, and do your annual maintenance in order to keep all your heating and air conditioning equipment running at their best and save you money!
Our quality workmanship is second to none. Our satisfied customers are the ones who refer the majority of our HVAC business. They trust us to be reliable, fast, and they know that we stand by our work. We have an A+ rating with the Raleigh Better Business Bureau and we have been providing air conditioning & HVAC service for nearly 20 years.  We repair and service all heating and air conditioning brands, types, makes and models.


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Air Conditioning Tips for Our Raleigh Summers

It’s not too early to get your AC ready for summer! Raleigh summers are notoriously hot and humid. Here are a few tips to keep your Air Conditioning unit running more efficiently all summer long. You’ll  save money on that ever increasing electric bill and extend the life of your AC unit.   Check Your Air […]

Is your furnace not heating your home? Should you call for furnace repair?

There’s nothing worse than getting home at 6:00 at night from a long day at work and turning up the heat only to discover that all your furnace seems to do is blow cold air out of the vents. So you go to the thermostat and examine it to make sure you have it set […]

Raleigh Heat Pump Repair: Is your heat pump working correctly?

Nights are getting chilly in Raleigh. Are you wondering if you need heat pump repair service?  Your utility bill could have the answer! One very common tale tell sign that your heat pump not working properly is your high electric bill in the winter time. If your heat pump is not working at peak efficiency, its heat strips […]

You Called for AC Repair, Now What???

Your AC unit is clearly not working properly and you have called your local air conditioner repair company —preferably Cool Change Heating and Air if you live right here in Raleigh 🙂 — What should you do now, while you wait for the AC repair man? The short answer is TURN YOUR AC OFF.  But […]

Putting Off Your Air Conditioning Spring Maintenance Can Be Costly

There is no doubt about it; Spring time in Raleigh is beautiful. It starts with the blooming of our cherry trees, and soon thereafter, all trees start getting their leaves, azaleas are in bloom, irises come up, and the weather warms up nicely.  But while we love all the flowers and this change in the […]

Raleigh HVAC unit running too loudly? Let us help you *troubleshoot*

All air conditioning units make noise when running. Older units are often louder than newer units because designs have improved over the years to reduce noise. So if your older unit seems to roar rather than purr, it’s not necessarily a sign that it is about to die on you. You may be wondering “Why […]

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