HVAC Maintenance Services For Wake Forest, NC and Surrounding Cities

Wake Forest Air Conditioning Service, Maintenance, and Tune-ups Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Cool Change Heating and Air offers an annual maintenance plan for our Wake Forest customers. Each agreement includes two maintenance appointments per year in Wake Forest. We will come out once in the fall to prepare your Wake Forest unit for the winter. Cool Change also comes out in in the spring to prepare your HVAC unit for the summer.

Regular air conditioning maintenance will help your HVAC system last longer and run more efficiently. Getting regular maintenance will reduce your operating costs and increase your comfort.Cool Change Heating and Air can also fix potentially dangerous problems.

Wake Forest Spring HVAC Maintenance

  • Start up your Air Conditioning system
  • Test and Inspect the Safety Controls
  • Clean and Inspect drain
  • Clean and Inspect Condensate Drain lines
  • Inspect Air Handler and components that are accessible
  • Signature Deep Cleaning of Condenser Coil
  • Inspect Condenser Coil
  • Ensure proper freon levels
  • Inspect wiring by checking for loose connections and frayed wires
  • Test sub cooling and superheat and adjust accordingly
  • Check Thermostat
  • Replace Provided Filters
  • Check operation of compressor and fan

Wake Forest Fall HVAC Maintenance

  • Start up your Heating system
  • Test and Inspect all Safety Controls
  • Examine heat exchanger and look for cracks, rust or other issues
  • Test thoroughly for carbon monoxide
  • Test and Inspect all system transformers, relays, contactors, and controls
  • Measure airflow from blower and adjust accordingly
  • Clean and inspect dust ignition assembly
  • Measure the output of the heating system
  • Inspect flue assembly and test the flue gas mechanism
  • Check Thermostat
  • Replace provided filters
  • Check for proper draft

Benefits for Signing up for a Wake Forest Maintenance Agreement

  • 10% off service calls, parts and labor

  • Priority Customer Status (We will get out to your home ASAP)

  • No after hours or weekend fees

A Wake Forest HVAC service agreement With Cool change will prolong the life of your unit, so give Cool Change Heating and Air a call today!

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