Heating Repair Services For Cary, NC and Surrounding Cities

Expert Cary Heating Repair Services

Is your heater not working correctly? Give us a call and find out why so many Cary homeowners trust their heating repairs to Cool Change Heating & Air. We are a local Heating and Air Conditioning repair company who specializes in repairing heating units instead of trying to sell you a new one.

Here are some common reasons Cary homeowners need heating repair during the winter:

  • The furnace or heat pump will not come on.
  • You smell something strange coming from the unit
  • The unit is turning on but not making any heat
  • It is making weird or loud nosies.
  • Your heater is constantly turning off and on
  • There is excess water under your heater

Emergency Heating Repairs in Cary 

Cool Change Heating and Air knows that your heat could stop working when you need it the most! That is why we offer after hours and weekend calls. We want your heat to work correctly on those cold Cary nights, so give us a call. We are a local company that can get to Cary when you need heating repair the most.

Furnace Repairs

A furnace is controlled by your thermostat and when the temperature falls below the setting, the igniter ignites the gas. The gas then goes through the heat exchanger above the burner. The warm air is then circulated throughout your house. There are also safety devices and controls within your furnace. Some parts that might need repair are the heat exchanger, burner, draft inducer, the blower or any of the safety controls and devices. One thing the safety controls monitor is the carbon monoxide levels. That is an important part of the furnace as that can make you very sick. Cool Change Heating and Air can come out to Cary to repair the parts of your furnace to keep you warm and toasty while also keeping you safe. Click here to learn more about furnace repairs in Cary.

Heat Pump repairs

Some people in Cary have a heat pump instead of a furnace. A heat pump heats your home as well, but does so in a different way. A heat pump takes the outside heat and transfers it to your home, so they transfer heat rather than burn fuel to make it. It is powered by electricity rather than gas. Some common problems Cool Change Heating and Air can fix are the blower motor not working, a faulty control board, a frozen condenser unit, or the heat pump might cycle incorrectly. We can fix all these things in your Cary home to keep you warm even on the coldest nights. Click here to learn more about heat pump repairs in Cary.

Freezing temperatures

Temperatures can get well below freezing in Cary during the winter months. When that happens, your heating unit may stop working because of the extreme temperatures. Ice may form on your Cary HVAC unit causing your furnace to stop keeping you warm. Your drain lines might also freeze causing you to need heating repair in Cary.

Call Cool Change Heating and Air, we are your Cary heating repair experts!